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Seed Storage Facility

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Weaning And Hardening Brochure

Seedlings are extremely vulnerable in their earliest stages of growth. It is important to create and maintain ideal growing conditions to sustain their transition as viable crops. In the Caribbean, the frequency and intensity of climate change impacts such as unpredictable rainfall patterns (droughts & floods) and extreme weather events (hurricanes) threaten our food security.


Fisheries Facts

Fact Sheet on the PPCR in the Caribbean

Fact sheet outlines the current programme and key activities of the Regional Track of the Caribbean PPCR and provides an overview of the various components of the programme which aims at building the region’s climate resilience.


Our Sea is Changing – Haitian Creole

Crop Modelling

Health and Water Facts

Climate Resilient Community Water Systems

Longer dry seasons and severe droughts are just two impacts of climate change which are affecting communities across the globe. The PPCR is working to build climate resilient community water systems around the world. This infographic, produced by the PPCR Learning Partner, illustrates the advantages of small-scale, decentralized solutions for water resource management in the face of a changing climate.


Caribbean PPCR Fact Sheet

Fact sheet outlines the Caribbean’s vulnerability to climate change and the expected impacts of the PPCR investments aimed at building the region’s climate resilience.


The Fisheries Early Warning and Emergency Response (FEWER) System

Climate change means the possibility of stronger storm systems and less predictable weather patterns which pose serious risks for our small-scale fishermen and women in the Caribbean. Learn more about FEWER -an early warning system developed under the Regional Track of the PPCR in the Caribbean in partnership with the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) to help fishers in the Eastern Caribbean cope with these challenges.

The Fisheries Early Warning and Emergency Response (FEWER) System is a set of tools linking small-scale fishers with each other and with agencies that play critical roles in disaster risk management. The tools are a mobile application (app) and a web-based administrators’ dashboard. Using their smartphones, fishers in Dominica, St Vincent and Grenada, now have access to new tool that can reduce their risks from natural hazards associated with weather (short term) and climate (long-term) through improved information and communications on issues of particular concern to fishers, and to do so within the national DRM framework.


PPCR Fact Sheet-November 2017

The latest fact sheet on the work and achievements of the PPCR around the globe