On Monday, November 23 we hosted a webinar on the past, present and possible future of Rainwater Harvesting in the Caribbean. View the webinar in its entirety here.

There were 4 presentations:

  1. Clive Carpenter, GWP Consultants – This presentation provided an overview of the entirety of the project’s work in RWH systems in the Caribbean. This includes the relevance of RWH to the region, assessments of previous initiatives and discussing pieces of training that were held with water professionals. Click here for his presentation.
  2. Dr. Lindonne Glasgow, St. George’s University – Dr. Glasgow discussed the public health considerations in constructing RWH systems and how best to mitigate risks. Click here for her presentation.
  3. Richard Coutou, Environmental Solutions Ltd. – Richard’s presentation covered how to build RWH systems at the household level, inclusive of material selection, costing and how to add rainwater harvesting to your existing plumbing. Click here for his presentation.
  4. Cornelia Walters-Jones, JN Water Project & Robert Stephens, Pragma Consultants Ltd. – Mrs. Walters-Jones and Mr. Stephens spoke about the impact and lessons learnt in the execution of the JN Water project. Click here for their presentation.

Other resource material:

  1. Daily Water Balance Calculator – This tool allows you to determine the relationship between your water needs, rainfall, roof area and storage capacity. It also allows you to make determinations about whether or not you need more storage capacity to meet your existing demands. Access the tool here.
  2. Rainwater Harvesting Training Report
  3. An Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting in the Caribbean before 2019
  4. Rainwater Harvesting Post-Workshop Report