Reference No.DescriptionStatus
CF33/C3.00-6EOI - TO ESTABLISH A SHORTLIST FOR Training in and the Development of Coastal Scenarios (Land Use/Planning)
for PPCR Pilot Countries
PPCR/DVRP/ICB-02/19Specific Procurement Notice Road Works Phase 1 AmendedClosed
Call for CVs - Visibility and Public Relations Consultant (Part Time)
CF34/C5.00-1EOI_TOR - Caribbean Regional Climate Resilience Conference Coordinator
CF12/C4.01-3Advert - Integrated Climate Variablity Risk AssessmentClosed
CF12/C4.01-3EOI - Integrated Climate Variability Risk AssessmentClosed
IC27/C2.00-3Advert - Development of Roadmap for Climate Services Consultancy
IC27/C2.00-3TOR - Development of Roadmap for Climate Services ConsultancyClosed
W10/C4.03-09-12PPCR Newspaper Advert 6 JulyClosed
W10/C4.03-09-12Bid Doc 6 JulyClosed
W10/C4.03-09-12Bid Document - GreenhouseClosed
W10/C4.03-09-12Request for Works - GreenhouseClosed
W10/C4.03.09Advert - Request for Quotation for WorksClosed
W10/C4.03-09Request for Quotations for WorksClosed
CF09/C4.01-1EOI - Regional Health Audit of Climate and Vector Borne Disease Data REISSUEClosed
CF11/C4.01-2EOI - Vector Borne Disease and Gender Dynamics Study REISSUEClosed
IC07/C6.00-5Procurement AssistantClosed
IC07/C6.00-05Visibility and Public Relations Consultant (Part-time)Closed
IC23/C2.00-01Climatologist CallClosed
G01/C2.00-01Weather StationsPending
G19/C2.00-02Redundant Storage for Regional Climate DataPending
G04/C3.00-03Hardware for ICZM DatabasePending
G16/C4.03-03Seed Bank Equipment & Standby Energy SystemPending
G17/C4.03-04Seed Batch Dryers x5Pending
G18/C4.03-05Gene Bank EquipmentPending
W02/C4.03-01Agriculture Infrastructure Upgrade: Seed BankPending
W07/C4.03-06Agriculture Infrastructure Upgrade: Gene Bank & Weaning and Harding facilities in 4 PPCR countriesPending
IC26/C3.03-04Molecular Characterisation of Climate Resilient CropsPending
CF02/C1.00-2LIDAR (Topography & Bathymetry) Data Collection and ProcessingReissued
CF29/C4.01-4Risk Assessment StudyPending
CF12/C4.01-3Integrated Surveillance and Dengue Control SystemPending
CF13/C4.02-1Conduct of Fishery-related Ecological and Socio-economic Impact Assessments and Development of an Associated Monitoring SystemAwarded
CF21/C9.00-2Annual & Final Financial AuditsAwarded
CF01/C1.00-1Topographic and Bathymetric Survey Consultancy phase 1Awarded
IC17/C3.00-1Climate Modeling Research Analysts #1 year 2Awarded
CF07/C3.00-4ICZM Needs AnalysisAwarded
NCS31/C5.00-08Program WebsiteAwarded
G14/C4.03-02Data Input ComputersAwarded
IC19/C3.00-3Climate Data Analyst #1Awarded
IC21/C3.00-4Climate Data Analyst #2Awarded
CF14/C4.02-3ICT Early Warning System Consultancy (for fishers)Awarded
IC11/C3.00-1Climate Modeling Research Analysts #1 (HPCS)Awarded
IC18/C3.00-2Climate Modeling Research Analysts #2 (Agriculture)Awarded
W01/C6.00-01Renovation of Project Management OfficeAwarded
G02/C3.00-01High Performance Computing System (HPCS)Awarded